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String Colors

You may choose any two of the available colors for your two bundles. You may also add another accent color and we will add a few strands of it as well in your string,

Silencers - Rubber Cat Whiskers

Our most popular silencers, rubber whiskers can be added in single or dual sets. Benefits to them are they aren't as affected by rain and don't collect burrs.

Available colors - black, brown, flo yellow, yellow, hunter green, flo green, orange, white, red, blue, purple, and pink

Silencers - Yarn Puffs

Yarn puffs are great for quieting a string but do collect small vegetation and burrs.

Available colors - black, brown, yellow, pink, camo, and several combo colors that look great on various string color combos that we match together. Feel free to pick your own!

Servings & Tie-on Nocks

We use BCY Halo or Brownell Crown. Finished diameter will be .110. This fits most modern nocks with a nice snap fit. Our tie on nocks sets are very popular over crimp on brass nocks. They can be adjusted up and down the serving with a twist and can be glued into place when you find that proper spot. You can add just one for the arrow to nock under or as we recommend adding two. This will prevent a loose nock from sliding down the string on your shot which creates poor arrow flight. Tie on nock sets add a slight performance advantage over brass nocks and are less likely to damage the string under the serving or your tab or glove. 

Nock sets are available in just about every color.  

Recurve Yarn Wraps

To further quieten your recurve, this is a great option

Tee Shirt

Let everyone know what you are pulling with this Hanes 100% Cotton Tee (click on shirt to enlarge)

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